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Pensions & Retirement Planning

Ask yourself the question “If I do nothing different between now and when I retire what assets do I have that will provide the income that I think I will require?”

With an ageing population, the cost to the Government of providing state pensions is increasing and the consequence of this could be an increase in the state retirement age and/or a reduction in the amount of the pension. With this in mind, many people are looking for alternative ways to provide for themselves, especially as current generations are enjoying increasingly longer retirements than in previous times.

As people work longer and have more employers over their working life, it is common to have more than one pension contract and it can become quite confusing. After a review, we can help you understand the wide range of options that you may already have, as well as putting a provision in place to give you the lifestyle you would like to enjoy in your retirement. When making our recommendations we will take into consideration your state pension forecast and projections on your current pensions.

Retirement planning is all about asset building, and pensions are just one part of it. Talk to us.

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